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Our mission is to develop, produce, and supply critical food, pharmaceutical, and personal care ingredients to the world. We are committed to doing so in a safe and sustainable manner. This means bringing a sustainability mindset to everything we do. Every facet of our business has been designed to meet these standards and reflect the priority we have placed on sustainability.

On our journey to sustainability, we have established five pillars that define our commitment. 



We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, becoming more efficient, and utilizing renewable energy whenever and wherever it is available.

Water Stewardship

water stewardship 

Our goal is to become an industry-leading steward of water. Implementing water stewardship practices will help us understand and manage water-related risks, reduce operational costs, generate new business opportunities, boost productivity, and enhance brand reputation.

Waste Reduction

waste reduction 

We’re adopting circular economy principles into our products and processes to reduce the overall amount of waste generated. This allows us to operate more efficiently and create closed-loop systems in which materials are reused to expand their potential.

Sustainable Supply Chain

sustainable supply chain 

We’re developing relationships with suppliers to build a supply chain that fully integrates ethical and environmentally friendly practices. It is important that we purchase raw materials and services from suppliers who are also sustainability minded.

Sustainable Product Design

sustainable product design 

We’re dedicated to designing products that generate less carbon, use less water, produce less waste, and utilize sustainable supply chains. By implementing these design principles, we hope to prevent negative impacts on the planet before production even begins.

sustainability at Sensient

To learn more, click here to view our most recent sustainability report. 

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Interested in making a positive impact on our world’s sustainable food future? Join our team.

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