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we bring life to food, pharmaceutical, and personal care products

we bring life to food, pharmaceutical, and personal care products

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Sensient Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of colors, flavors, and extracts. Everyone here is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of our collective senses. Every day, our teams around the world come together in person to innovate, develop, manufacture, and sell products that improve the daily lives of people everywhere.

Whether you are bringing color to the world as part of our Color Group, elevating taste with our Flavors & Extracts group, or breaking new ground in our Asia Pacific group, your career at Sensient will be filled with infinite opportunity.

Learn more about our three core business groups below.

our business

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    Color Group:

    Our color group leads the way in global manufacturing and supply of natural and synthetic color solutions for the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, and specialty markets. The unmatched innovation and application expertise our color group brings to the market sets us apart from the industry.

    Core areas of focus: food/beverage colors, personal care, pharmaceutical and other specialty products.

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    Flavors & Extracts Group:

    Our flavors & extracts group has the unique ability to service global, regional, and local customers thanks to our broad range of products. Our unmatched application expertise and technology platforms make us an innovative leading supplier for all things food and beverage.

    Core areas of focus: flavors and extracts, natural ingredients, bionutrients, and other flavor ingredients.

  • Asia Pacific Group:

    Our sales of flavors and colors for food and pharmaceutical products are managed on a geographic basis and reported as a separate segment for the Asia Pacific region.

    Core areas of focus: flavors and colors for food/beverage, pharmaceutical products, and personal care.


Food & Beverage
Personal Care

Flavors & Extracts

Food & Beverage
Natural Ingredients
Essential Oils

our commitment to sustainability

Our mission is to develop, produce, and supply critical food, pharmaceutical, and personal care ingredients to the world. We are committed to doing so in a safe and sustainable manner. 

Click to view our most recent sustainability report.

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sustainable food innovation

The collective dream of everyone at Sensient is to bring new sustainable food innovations to the world. The results of our passion and dedication include vegan flavors, low-carbon products, natural and organic ingredients, and more. Together, we bring smiles to faces and health to everyone without compromising our beliefs or integrity.

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Interested in making a positive impact on our world’s sustainable food future? Join our team.

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